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NEW 2oz Organic Herbal Medicated Skin Cream - formulated for eczema


Image of NEW 2oz Organic Herbal Medicated Skin Cream - formulated for eczema

This Organic Herbal Medicated Skin Cream contains:
***We either grow it or source it out from Mountain Rose Herbs
-DDF grown Calendula infused Jojoba oil
-DDF grown Borage
-DDF grown Tulsi/Holy Basil
-DDF Beeswax
-20 PPM Ionic Silver
-Vitamin E oil
-Rose, Geranium, and Lavender essential oils

***6-month shelf life once used - Please always have clean hands when using this cream and you can store in the frig to prolong its life. There are no preservatives so please make sure to use it up. Truly natural products are meant to be used not stored. :)

Benefits of the key ingredients:
It has GLA's which is inflammation fighting and autoimmune boosting. This herb is said to be especially good for eczema and diabetic polyneuropathy.

(We have a love affair with this super herb for sure!)
Treats a myriad of skin issues, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, stimulates white blood cells, and antiseptic, which makes it full of healing agents.

This herb has been noted to cure diabetes and is one of the worlds most powerful super herbs! It is also anti-fungal, bacterial, fungal, and inflammatory. In a nutshell, this herb nourishes a persons growth to perfect health and promotes a long and healthy life. It is also adaptogenic and packed with antioxidants.

This would be an excellent topical cream used to soothe and treat many skin conditions, including but not limited to eczema. Our cream definitely has a folksy feel. Raw and unrefined, full of healing energy and love. This cream is beautifully scented of flowers.

We always put our creations in glass, and this will come in a reusable 2 oz jar.

Directions: use generously and topically at least 2 times daily

And as always if picking up from our lockbox on County Route 60 in Elmira, use code PICKUP for free shipping, at checkout! Make sure to press OK after you enter the code. Then, send us an email at deaddogfarmhoney@gmail.com and let us know the time and date you would like to pick up, and we will send you directions!!