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* SLEEP CREAM *- magnesium cream for the whole family!


Image of * SLEEP CREAM *- magnesium cream for the whole family!

A magnesium supplement cream for the entire family. So yes, safe for the kiddos! Promotes relaxation and calmness for sweet dreams! ♥️

(MANY rave reviews on the effectiveness of this cream! - stories of many ditching the prescribed and over the counter sleeping pills!)

One of the best and most efficient ways to supplement magnesium (a wonderful essential mineral that aids a healthy sleep cycle and So much more) is to apply it topically to a 'fat dense' area of the body. . .SO, trunk, hips and thighs... and a little goes a long way, use approximately a nickel size amount.

Beyond organic Ingredients:
Castor Oil,
Coconut oil,
Cocoa butter,
Jojoba calendula oil,
Aloe Vera,
Rose water,
Magnesium Oil,
Vitamin E,
Geranium &
Vetiver essential oils

Comes in a 2 oz. amber jar.

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